Challenging, side scrolling classic platform game with visual level editor!

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Choose between two characters, play as a boy or girl. Jump between obstacles, defeat all monsters and try to collect as many coins and crystals as possible! Beating all levels will require patience and practice, think how to solve them!

Struggling to complete tough levels? Use Diego's power-ups to gain advantage and restore your health with potions! Search for hidden keys to unlock mysterious portals and embark on an amazing adventure today. Feeling creative? Use our in game, visual level editor and use your imagination to create YOUR OWN levels and SHARE them with other players!

  • 4 beautiful worlds
  • 80 challenging levels, more to come
  • 2 playable characters - play as Diego or Lily
  • 12 demanding enemies
  • 4 useful power-ups
  • various skins and clothes, dress your character up!
  • wide range of obstacles
  • visual level editor, create YOUR OWN levels and SHARE them with others!

  • Jump into the action now! Try this stunning 2D platform game and explore all action-packed worlds! Can you beat them all? Diego and Lily awaits! Brought by creators of the successful Construction City series, downloaded over 25.000.000 times, this time in partnership with Chris Hildenbrand.